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Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Well, back to the tools for me!

After spending a good few years flying around it is a shock to the system to dust off the tool bag and sharpen the chisels once again. I am very happy that with so much time away from the trade I have managed to pick it back up and run with it.

Starting to venture out on my own more and more. There are plenty of quirky little jobs around Wellington that need to be done. Lots of rot repair door repairs kitchen adjustments and a fair amount of contracting to some old friends. I really didn't think I would enjoy the physical work as much as I am. Its hard on my body and it seems never ending but there is a real sense of satisfaction when you help someone sort out a problem.

Our little girl is growing fast and the rare days off are spent doing the important jobs like feeding the ducks in Masterton!

Not long until I fire back into some more flying. I have the fixed wing conversion roughly scheduled for early next year with multi engine instrument to follow shortly after.

Here's a photo of my trusty side kick Belle who is starting to ride along for my work days.

Tim and Nadz

Belle Henderson looking sharp in her Northern Territory bow tie!
Belle the site foredog

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