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The beginning of Rotor Goat


Hi Welcome to the Rotor Goat Blog! We are Tim and Nadine Henderson, the founders of Rotor Goat Limited.

What is it? Where did it come from? Why?

These are all questions we get asked regularly, We'll try and answer them for you here...

Rotor Goat is our attempt to capture the adventures we have had over the past ten years. We lived in tropical Australia for most of that time and really had a big adventure. Meeting some amazing people and pushing ourselves to our extremes.

We recently arrived in Wellington to start the next and biggest adventure, having our little girl Avery Henderson. It is awesome to be back home and we are excited to build our lives here.

The brainstorming for the business began before leaving the Northern Territory. Tim was agonising over a name that would enable us to really deliver everything we had to offer. All sorts of names were banded around. None stuck. As a joke Tim started coming up with off the wall names like Fly Rotor, Heli Hendo and Rotor Goat. Being a carpenter, keen sailor as well as a fixed wing/helicopter pilot and Nadine with emergency communication and business management experience left them with the challenge of finding a name that would fit this odd mix of talents and it was decided that no one name could possible cover all the bases so "Rotor Goat" was decided on as a bit of a joke. Goats are interesting animals.... Tough, Adventurous and they go anywhere! and we thought 'why not?'.

The dream was born.

With carpenters and pilots in demand at the moment it is the perfect time to set up shop and do it the way we really wanted to! With a strong focus on clear communication, safety and quality we are setting out and keen to get our products developed for all to enjoy.

Carpentry maintenance is our main focus for the early stages of the business with plans to move into heli adventures when we are more firmly established.

If you are after any information about your building maintenance or adventure tourism options in New Zealand or Australia please get in touch and we will point you in the right direction

@rotorgoat #rotorgoat

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